Who we are?

We are specialists in the processing and marketing of selenite and fossils stone products, we offer a wide range of quality products with very competitive prices and a guarantee of quality service with delivery anywhere in the world.

Why choose us over our competitors?

- All our products are natural and of quality, the blocks of selenite and fossils are transformed in our own workshops allowing us to have a control on the quality of the manufactured products.

- We commit ourselves to distribute a percentage of the net profit from each order to destitute people and families.

- You will benefit from a convincing expertise of a team present in the selenite and fossils market for more than 20 years.

- The respect of the environment and guaranteeing the safety of the personnel working in our factories are priorities for us.


In addition to the fact that we deliver all over the world to our customers' premises, we use appropriate packaging to guarantee the safety of the products.

Selenite from Morocco

Morocco is well known worldwide for its natural wealth, the selenite stone extracted from the ATLAS mountains is of excellent quality. Our customers do not hesitate to order large quantities and the demand does not cease increasing. Selenite stone is handcrafted into lamps, candle holders, charger plates and other products.

Selenite stone is considered one of the most powerful crystals, a symbol of peace, love and benevolence, bringing well-being, serenity, and purifying negative energies.

Selenite strengthens self-confidence, increases concentration, intuition and judgment and brings clarity of mind.

The fossils of Morocco

According to geologists and archaeologists, Morocco, specifically the city of Erfoud, has the largest open-air fossil museum in the world, a region well known for its exceptional wealth of fossils and minerals. These species, trilobites, orthoceras, ammonites ... dating back over 450 million years. There are some among these specimens that are very rare and very old.

It is a privileged destination for collectors and scholars from all over the world, but also for traders.

After bringing blocks of stone from quarries located on the outskirts of the city of Erfoud, workers cut them into pieces, then craftsmen take care of carving various decorative objects such as fountains, sinks, plates or tables ...

The mineral deposits are also very numerous and deliver a great variety of specimens, Fluorite, Vanadinite, Calcite, Azurite, Malachite, Celestine, Quartz, Gypsum...

Note that the phosphates of northern Morocco, is known for their exceptional wealth of fish and shark teeth, but also reptiles.